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This page contains an overview of the most important projects that I am, or have been, a partner in. This list starts at 2004, and I only include projects that have funded my salary (directly or, while I was employed at the VU university, through funding PhD positions) and official advisory positions. Since January 2015, I run projects through my private company DEBtox Research. For the confidential projects, I am usually/probably not allowed to mention the client on my website. However, most of these projects will eventually lead to publications, that will appear in the publication lists at

Current projects

► 2019-2026. DEBtox model and method development for a company (the project has had several extensions). Confidential.

Current advisory work

► 2022-2024. Providing advise on a TKTD tool. Confidential.
► 2022-2024. Advising a PhD student on DEB-based modelling.

Past projects/advisory work

► 2020-2023. Effects of multiple stressors on coastal copepods: MULTICOP. RCN-funded project led by University of Oslo. More information.
► 2020-2023. DEBtox model and method comparison for a company (the project has had several extensions). Confidential.
► 2019-2023. Providing ad-hoc advice on TK/TKTD modelling for a company. Confidential.
► 2018-2022. NERC-funded project on mixture toxicity in terrestrial systems. More information.
► 2019-2021. GUTS model extension for a company. Confidential.
► 2019-2021. Optimized starting feed for cleaner fish (STARTRENS). Funded by FHF (the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund), and led by SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway. More information.
► 2018-2020. Marine Disposal of Mine Tailings (DiTail): Impacts on Pelagic Ecosystem Components in Norwegian Fjords. RCN-funded project led by Nord University Bodø, Norway. More information.
► 2019-2020. GUTS limited model modification and advice for a company. Confidential.
► 2015-2019. Project for the German Environment Protection Agency (UBA) on evaluation of ecological models for risk assessment of plant protection products. In collaboration with UFZ, Leipzig. More information.
► 2017-2019. PestPuls - Effects of pulsed exposure to combinations of pesticides used as anti-parasitic medicines in aquaculture. Project led by IRIS, Stavanger, Norway, and funded by the Research Council of Norway. More information.
► 2018-2019. Project funded by CEFIC-LRI as an extension of the 2017 GUTS project: building a robust and user-friendly software for GUTS. More information.
► 2017-2018. Toxicokinetic model parameter estimations for copepods. Industry-funded project led by by SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway. Confidential.
► 2017-2017. Project funded by CEFIC-LRI on review, ring-test and guidance for TKTD modelling. More information.
► 2014-2016. Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. External advisor for postdoc ('Harmonia') project on DEB modelling for the holometabolic insect Tribolium castaneum. More information.
► 2013-2016. ENERGYBAR – A dynamic energy budget approach to understand and predict potential long-term effects of produced water on copepods (in particular Calanus finmarchicus) in the Barents Sea. Project led by SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway, and funded by the Research Council of Norway. More information.
► 2015-2016. Project for a large multinational company. Training on the use of DEB-based methods, discussing their advantages and disadvantages, and investigating the role that these methods can play in the companies risk assessments. Confidential.
► 2016. Advisory work for project development in Norway on the use of effects models for marine risk assessment.
► 2013-2015. SCK-CEN Mol, Belgium. External advisor for postdoc project on effects of radiation and radionuclides on duckweed (Lemna minor).
► 2012-2015. OAPPI – Effects of Ocean Acidification of Predator-Prey Interactions. Project led by IRIS, Stavanger, Norway, and funded by the Research Council of Norway. More information.
► 2011-2014. IMS – Integrated Model System: Risk and ecosystem based management of Arctic water. Project led by IRIS, Stavanger, Norway, and funded by the Research Council of Norway. More information.
► 2009-2014. Project: EU Marie-Curie Initial Training Network CREAM. Funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme. Supervision of four PhD fellows. More information.
► 2004-2010. Scientific advisor for ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences on several projects concerning dynamic models for bioavailability and toxicity.
► 2006-2007. European Commission, JRC, Ispra, Italy. Preparing reports and a workshop on the introduction of biology-based models in risk assessment.
► 2004-2007. A range of small projects for Radboud University (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), ECETOC (Brussels, Belgium), Petrobras (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), RIVM (Bilthoven, The Netherlands).

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