Mechanistic modelling for ecotoxicology and ecology

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Integrated Model System (IMS)


Research Council of Norway
Project leader
IRIS Stavanger, Norway (Dr. Elisa Ravagnan)


The Integrated Model System (IMS) will provide links between parameters used for prognostic and diagnostic assessments, and between oil industry tools for Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) and Environmental Indicators (EIs) developed in the framework of the Barents Sea and Lofoten Management Plan (BSLMP). This allows a coherent assessment of predicted effects/risk and monitoring data.

My role

Developing a DEBkiss model for krill, and effects of oil on krill survival (GUTS).

Northern krill (Meganyctiphanes norvegica)

Output: Publications (as first or co-author)

Output: Presentations (as presenter and as contributor)

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