Mechanistic modelling for ecotoxicology and ecology

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Contact details

I don't have a secretary, and I try to avoid distractions when I'm working on a tough problem. Therefore, I prefer to let the (initial) communication run through email. You can reach me through tjalling(at) I check e-mail regularly, so normally you can expect a response within two (working) days.

Relevant links

  • My other website,, contains a huge amount of information on DEB and GUTS modelling in eco(toxico)logy. It includes Matlab software, (links to) e-books, lists of publications, etc.
  • Roman Ashauer's website about models in ecotoxicology at: His site contains many more useful links for the modelling enthousiast.
  • The website is dedicated to robust and user-friendly software to run GUTS analyses. It offers free downloads for a standalone Windows version as well as a Matlab-based version.
  • Bongers EcoTox Services is run by Marina Bongers. She also offers more standard GUTS analysis in a regulatory context (with me - Tjalling Jager - as a scientific advisor).
  • The DEB Node at Akvaplan NIVA, where Starrlight Augustine is currently working. This group has organised the 2017 DEB course and symposium. See also the other DEB nodes in DEBnet.

DEBtox Research,, Chamber of Commerce Utrecht 62405055, email: tjalling (at)