Mechanistic modelling for ecotoxicology and ecology

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Contact details

I don't have a secretary, and I try to avoid distractions when I'm working on a tough problem. Therefore, I prefer to let the (initial) communication run through email. You can reach me through tjalling(at) I check e-mail regularly, so normally you can expect a response within two (working) days.

Relevant links

  • My other website,, contains a huge amount of information on DEB-based and GUTS modelling in eco(toxico)logy. It includes Matlab software (the BYOM package), (links to) e-books, lists of publications, etc.
  • Roman Ashauer's website about models in ecotoxicology at: His site contains many more useful links for the modelling enthousiast.
  • The website is dedicated to robust and user-friendly software to run GUTS analyses. It offers free downloads for a standalone Windows version as well as a Matlab-based version.
  • The website contains the user-friendly on-line tool to extrapolate a DEBtox2019 calibration to one or more exposure profiles (EPx calculation).
  • The DEB portal, for all things related to DEB theory (but excluding DEBkiss and its derivatives).

DEBtox Research,, Chamber of Commerce Utrecht 62405055, email: tjalling (at)