Mechanistic modelling for ecotoxicology and ecology

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About Tjalling Jager and DEBtox Research

DEBtox Research is the private company that I run, offering my knowledge of mechanistic modelling, and basically doing good (applied) science for clients.

After finishing my Biology study at the VU University, I worked for 9 years at RIVM on models and approaches for chemical risk assessment (specifically, EUSES and its predecessors). I also specialised on (models for) bioaccumulation, and focussed on earthworms, on which I wrote my PhD thesis (download my thesis from Leanpub), while being employed at RIVM. From 2002-2015, I have worked at the VU University in Amsterdam, at the Department of Theoretical Biology on DEBtox and related topics. You are welcome to take a look at the website of the department for more information about DEB and the work we did there (the department ceased to exist in May 2015).

As of 1 March 2015, I have left the VU University to continue working on DEBtox, DEBkiss and GUTS as a self-employed researcher under the name DEBtox Research. Even though this is a big change for me in terms of working environment and conditions, my activities have remained quite similar.

I also maintain the website, which contains much more information about DEB-based and GUTS models and their applications to stress ecology (incl. ecotoxicology). This site also contains links to my (free) e-books, lists of relevant publications, and software (incl. the freely-downloadable BYOM package for Matlab). I also maintain the website that is dedicated to the openGUTS software for fully-automated analysis of survival data with GUTS.

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Publication lists

I have (co-)authored more than 100 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, four e-books, and a number of book chapters. My ResearcherID on Web of Science shows a list of scientific publications and a citation score from Web of Science (may not include the most recent publications).

I also have an Orcid account and a profile on Research Gate, as well as a Google Scholar account. Google Scholar finds many more publications and many more citations than Web of Science. It also includes (citations from) reports, books and online PDFs. The publication output and h-index from Google Scholar should therefore be interpreted in a different way than that of Web of Science.

My e-books can be found through my Leanpub author page. A full list of my publications (including books, book chapters, and RIVM reports) can be downloaded here.

About DEBnet

This site, and the associated DEBtox information site, forms a 'node' in an international DEB network comprising experts in a wide range of fields (aquaculture, ecotoxicology, economics, ecology and more).

At this moment, DEBnet activities include the following highlights:

  • The DEB theory portal as starting point for all things DEB.
  • The international DEB course. The course has been running since 2001 (every two years), and includes a tele part and an optional hands-on part linked to the international DEB symposium. More information on the DEB portal.
  • Summerschool on toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic modelling in Denmark. This course has been running since 2012 (planned to run every two years), and teaches the basics of TK/TKTD modelling using a simple DEB model (DEBkiss). More information. The next round is expected to run in 2023.
  • The add-my-pet collection of DEB parameter values for a wide range of animals. More information.
  • Several useful e-books can be obtained from Leanpub over here (most can be downloaded for free). Supporting material for the DEB book over here.
  • Freely-downloadable software. DEBtool by Bas Kooijman over here, which is also the engine for the add-my-pet calculations. BYOM (flexible platform to build your own models) for Matlab on the information website over here.
You can read more about ongoing projects and activities taking place at some of the different nodes, collected in the DEB Portal.

DEBtox Research,, Chamber of Commerce Utrecht 62405055, email: tjalling (at)